Product Name: APM High Pressure Steam Sterilizer
Operating Pressure: 30 PSIG

Product Description

With APM you use the technical edge for economical, independent production due to, its, automatic/semi-automatic sterilization process. This sterilizer offers the user maximum reliability in view of material quality operations and performance. APM high-pressure horizontal rectangular sterilizer, steam-jacketed vessel, designed for an operating pressure of 30 PSIG, factory pre-set at the desires working pressure. The chamber pressure of 30 PSIG, factory pre-set at the desires working pressure. The chamber pressure will be maintained corresponding to the temperature. The sterilizer will have independent steam boiler underneath the chamber.


APM sterilizers have specially designed control systems for process automation.

The sterilizer will be provided with all mountings & fitting such as pressure gauge compound gauge, dial thermometer, steam trap steam inlets & outlets, safety values. We also provide micro-based controlled processors i.e. programmable Logical control.


Sterilizers are suitable for solutions in glass containers like ampules, vials & bottles empty glass wares, utensils, instruments etc. Drying of vessels, machine parts, hinge parts, rubber bungs etc. Porous material like Laboratories dressed, gloves, masks etc. Bulk powders sterilization.

Salient Features

  1. All sizes in rectangular & Cylindrical horizontal vertical chamber available.
  2. Radial locking of door / sliding door models available.
  3. Doors are provided with pressure locking system which operators on chamber pressure and prevent opening of door under pressure.
  1. Fully Automatic by Electrical / PLC based system covering all parameter, facility for    printing and manual mode operation. (Optional) Online printing & Recording. (Optional)
  1. Electrical steam generator, vacuum pump, trolley, carriage, chart recorder, data logger and PLC are optional at extra cost.
  1. Provision for rubber bung Drying / Sterilization and processing can be supplied.
  2. Suitable for standard sterilization cycle / HPHC Cycle, leak test cycle /Bowie DIck  test cycles.

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